A downloadable masterpiece for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Manage the dankest MLG Clan on this side of the internet! Smoke Weed everyday to make money, and use that money to recruit members for your clan and purchase upgrades, all to get even more money. Once you have enough money, compete in tournaments to unlock even more upgrades as you try to make it to the top!

8 members to recruit

5 rival clans to play against

Over 9000 upgrades! (Actually much less, I'm just too lazy to count. But it's a lot!)

Possibly Hours of your time!

Install instructions

Just press the download button(s) to install. To run on desktop, just double-click the jar file. To run on android, download it into your phone, click the APK when browsing it through your files, and choose to install. I'm not going to put this on the Google Play Store for obvious reasons.


mlgcs-2.1.jar 22 MB
MLGClanSimulator-android.apk 17 MB